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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

This morning, Lic. Marsol Quiñónez, Director of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan and Ing. Humberto González, State Coordinator of Libraries, inaugurated the workshop “Patolli de Cuentas / memory of our indigenous peoples”, which takes place as part of the program “My vacation in my library”.

In the Ing. Manuel Bonilla library, for a week dozens of children will be trained and have fun didactically studying everything relevant to the 68 languages that predominate in the country, to add to the course will have the advice of Mrs. María Eulalia who comes from Puebla and speaks Nahuatl.

Juan Manuel Flores, Director of the Municipal Arts Center, was in charge of welcoming the children, who were excited for this new experience and thanked the Cultural Institute for carrying out these types of activities that are also free of charge.

Simultaneously, three more courses were started in the Manuel J. Clouthier library, the Quelite library and in the Don Cruz Lizárraga library located in El Recodo, which will be promoting this program from July 15 to 19.