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Falsa Orquesta Cubana Sazón


They are Cuban-Latin jazz





Made up of musicians based in Mazatlan, the Falsa Orquesta Cubana Sazón is based on a taste for the sounds of the Caribbean, so pleasing to Mexico and rediscovered for the world in the last decade by projects such as the Buenavista Social Club.

With an alignment of 9 to 10 musicians, it incorporates original instruments such as the Cuban tres, the flute and the various forms of percussion, also reinventing other contemporary genres with the unmistakable flavor of Cuban music and Latin jazz.

They have participated in different festivals and forums in our country: Arts Fair in Sinaloa, Alfonso Ortiz Tirado in Sonora, Amado Nervo in Nayarit, Interzona de Tijuana, Book Fair in Nogales, Mazatlan and Los Mochis.

Live presentations in: Guadalajara, Los Cabos, Tepic, Obregón and Cocorit. In 2007 they shared the stage with 3 of the undisputed figures of Cuban music: Amadito Valdés, Fabián García Caturla and Raúl Gutierrez during a small tour of the northwest of the country.


Julio Recinos- voice and percussion.
Luis Guillermo Morales-flute and sax.
Jesus Garcia- guitar.
Samuel Antonio Chiquete-electric bass and baby bass.
Ricardo Montes-congas.
Hector Omar Estavillo-timbales.
Armando Beltran – congas and bongos

Jesus Becerra (pepo) -trompeta
Adan Amezcua-trumpet
Omar Lopez Mejia -sax high
Daniel (a thousand jokes) Lopez-timbales
Sergio Mendoza- percussion
Gerson Leos-piano
Francisco Ramos Ehuan – piano
Victor Osuna- violin charanguero
The very Agony-trumpet