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Carlos Z

Plastic artist

José Carlos Flores Zazueta (Carlos Zeta), Mazatlan, Sinaloa, 1980.
He graduated in Graphic Design from the Higher Technological Institute of Sinaloa (ITESUS University) from 1998-2002.


Painting, drawing, arteobject, installation, illustration, design, graphics, serigraphy, digital media, interior design, mobility design, t-shirt design.

Individual expositions:

2010 Ten, Main Gallery Mazatlan Art Museum, Sinaloa.
SuperMarket, Sinaloan Institute of Culture. Culiacán, Sinaloa.
2007 Monotransistors, Mazatlan Art Museum, Sinaloa.
Cero Siete, Mazatlan Art Museum.

His collective exhibitions include:

Cultural week in Mexico at the National Institute of Artists of Sinaloa (2006), participates in the intervention in public spaces in Guadalajara called by local artists (2007), Collective M EXPO Mexican itinerant select artists of Sinaloa (2008), International Expo collective and cultural exchange Mazatlan – Washington DC (2009), Collective international Expo called Ziete in Colombia, Huila Mach (2010), 15th anniversary MACAY Host of the National Plastics (2009)

In 2003 he obtained the first place in the Antonio López Saénz Prize and obtained Honorary Mention in the Northwest Plastics Biennial in Sinaloa (2003).
In 2004 he obtains the first place in the Salon de la Plastica Sinaloense UAS.
In 2010 he obtains the first place in the Salon de la Plastica Sinaloense UAS.
In 2009 he receives a Scholarship by the FOECA in the Young Creators Category.
In 2004 he gets the 4th. place at the national level in graphic design by the magazine plot // think does not kill, the theme of design was a contemporary toy.
In 2005, 2 posters were selected for the United Kingdom nationwide campaign and were the image of the campaign against crime.
His work has been exhibited in the Cities of Mazatlan Sinaloa, Culiacán, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico D.F. Tijuana, Yucatán, Querétaro, Guadalajara, León Gto. Los Mochis, Colombia, Washintong.
It belongs to the multidisciplinary group Viaje Demo since 2007.

Email: produal@hotmail.com
Telephone: 9 81-30-29
cellular: 6691 135931