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Day of the Music

Originally organized by the Proyecto Centro Histórico, A.C., the Dia de la Musica Festival is an annual celebration to promote the tourist attractions in the oldest tourist area of the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Characterized by the placement of stages in the streets of the historic downtown and occasionally indoors, such as the Angela Peralta Theater, with the intention of promoting the architectural beauty of the buildings of nineteenth-century Mazatlan.

The Dia de la Música Festival allows you to see the area where the cultural heritage of the locals converges, it is not opposed to progress and remains open to investment. During Dia de la Musica, local, national, and international artists interpret different musical genres and summon thousands of music lovers, locals and tourists on the streets of the Centro Historico.

The celebration projects the artistic talents of the municipality, serves as a forum to the students of the music schools of the Municipal Center of the Arts of Mazatlan and presents high-quality musical performances. The music day is organized and financed by members of the Proyecto Centro Histórico, composed of businessmen with in and municipal governments through the Sinaloa Institute of Culture and the Municipal Institute for Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan.