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Study Program



The first and most important is to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge of the plastic arts. Regarding the form, that the student acquires the tools, skills, techniques, methods factors that lead to a professional invoice of the plastic art.

Regarding the content, that the student enrich his concepts and poetics, through reading, research, debate, analysis and appreciation of the arts.

Based on the above we could take into account that the contemporary plastic artist requires knowledge of photography, lighting, video editing, digital art, design and other high-tech materials. As well as doing contemporary dance and body expression to perform conceptual art with body awareness and spatial design. So the main objective of this career is to provide students with the best teachers with a multidisciplinary academic program and therefore, generate the realization of interdisciplinary artistic projects.

Some subjects are focused on new tools and languages ​​that the contemporary plastic artist has to handle and articulate, such as photography, urban art, conceptual arts, video editing, lighting, scenography, costumes and makeup. Many of these same subjects are related to the Ángela Peralta Theater with the aim of forming future paintings of artists and technicians that meet the needs of the same and the needs of our city as a generator of culture.


History of Art I, II, III, IV, V and VI

Painting I, II, III, IV, V and VI

Engraving I, II, III, and IV

Sculpture I, II, III, IV, V and VI

Production of Projects I, II, III and IV


Research Works Seminar

English I, II, III and IV


From the first year, a common core is shared with the new TECHNICAL career in ARTE TEATRAL with subjects such as Drawing, Painting, History of Art, among others.



In October 2013, they participated with conceptual art in the Call for Dress DRESS OFFERING

They made for the staging of GROUND 7 Chinese inks that served as scenography; They also exhibited them for 1 month and they were given 30% of the box office sale of El Recreo for the purchase of artistic materials. In November 2014, EL RECREO will participate in the same cultural center as part of the lighting team in another theater play.

In June 2014 they participated in the EXHIBITION exhibition of COURSES END

In October 2014, they will participate in the STEAMROLLER project convened by the Culture Institute.



Registration open throughout the school year






The students of the children’s workshops have been awarded several national and international prizes as in 3 occasions awarded in Suzuhiro Kamaboko Board Contest, International Small Art Exhibition; State Electoral Council and Ale Foundation, among others.

Annually, all the children’s, youth and adult workshops participate in the End of Course Sample of each School Cycle.

Plastic Arts from the beginning was an active part in the celebration of Day of the Dead, mainly with altars and traditional offerings. Now they are all the arts in the Ángela Peralta Theater Tour, Each art with its interpretation of Day of the Dead and coordinated by the Plastic Arts Area.

Donation of “works never collected” from the CMA to the Hospitalito de la Col. Juárez.