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With the staging of six interesting theater plays students of the School of Culture Theater celebrated the end of Saturday night at Casa Haas.

Through “Colachi” ten young prospects of the Buenos Aires theater, under the general direction of Karen Douglas, shared with friends, colleagues and family the first creative pieces of a stage project in which they performed works of accomplished authors and interpreted their own proposals as novel dramatists.

In the first piece “El poeta y Filomena”, Heidy Fuentes and Fernanda Castor recreated a scene from Luisa Josefina Hernández’s “On the street of the great occasion”, in which a daring and superb poet fails in his attempt to fall in love a beautiful young woman, who instead of reciprocating asks for help to write a poem to her beloved.

In the monologue “El telonero”, created and performed by the actor Francisco Jesús Nava Márquez, the character “Juan ‘Jhonny’ Bravo” recounted his hasty first day in the gym while he defeated his guitar in front of the audience.

Later Donaldo Arias, Heidy Fuentes, Fernanda Castro, Francisco Jesus Nava Márquez, Fernando Escalera, Montserrat Cuéllar, Anahí Esmeralda Deraz and Franko Yoshua Pineda, took the audience to a surreal short work in which a man visits “The extraordinary world of cereal with milk “after indigestarse with its food and suffer the colloquially called evil of the pig.

Fernando Escalera Diezmartinez sent an intermission to the presentation of “Colachi” after presenting his monologue “Endangered of becoming a widower”, which caused a prolonged laughter among the attendees with the occurrences of his character while carrying his wife about to give light to the hospital.

Anahí Esmeralda Deraz represented the gangster “Britani”, who related her adventures with “El carota”, leader of the neighborhood of the Bakers and at the end of Franko Yoshua Pineda, Yasser Villafaña, Donaldo Arias and Jesús Long closed with a flourish in the piece “The adventures of Lazarus” that tells the funny adventure of a pair of thieves who one day steal a dog, sell it to a Chinese merchant and end up fighting to get it back when they realize that the original owner offers a reward of twenty thousand pesos .

At the end of the workshop students and the technical level they received the audience’s palms and dedicated a series of thanks to Ramón Gómez Polo, director of the School of Culture Theater; Raúl Rico González, general director of Culture; Alberto Nájera, Ricardo Ramírez Carnero and Giovanny Armenta, directors and / or advisors of the students in the pieces, for making possible the presentation of “Colachi” that for some of the young people represented their first theatrical experience before a formal audience.