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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

With great enthusiasm and the presence of a large number of parents and children between 3 and 12 years of age, the 2017 Summer Creative Course began on Monday at the Biblioteca del Parque Lineal, Tranquilidad section, under the direction of Alfredo Molina.

With this workshop, the Mazatlán City Council and the Mazatlán Instituto de Cultura have created a space for coexistence and family learning through art and culture, and throughout this week Alfredo Molina and a team of specialists will create a series of fun and uplifting activities.

The Storytelling Workshop by cultural promoter Angela Camacho took place on Monday. Today, Tuesday, is the production of plaster and the elaboration of colors.

Wednesday they will create posters about the care and cleaning of the park that children will hang on a wall and explain to the public. On Thursday the reading circle begins and a craft class, and on Friday they close the course activities with a healthy family competition.


The activities of the 2017 Summer Creative Course, the first in the Tranquility Park, have been so widely accepted among parents of the colonias near the Lineal Park that a special section is already being worked on for these activities to continue .

The activities of the Creative Summer Course 2017 are developed in a segmented way (working in groups created according to the age of participants) so that children can learn and create with greater confidence and freedom. The activities of the course are from 5 to 7 pm. For more information, please contact Alfredo Molina at 6691477368.