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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

On Wednesday night the Mazatlan theater received with great enthusiasm the master debut of the master Ramón Gómez Polo “Ajedrez”, a work written from his experiences as a father who highlighted the complexity of fatherhood on the stage of the Ángela Peralta Theater .

Accompanied by the young actor Geovanny Armenta, Gómez Polo -who directs the theater area in the School of Arts of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlán- wove in this staging the conflicts, disagreements, pains, fears and desires that a perfectionist father and demanding creates together with his son in his eagerness to prepare him for the best possible life.

With minimalist sets and costumes, based on the black and white of chess, and with a rhythm marked by an agile exchange of perspectives, their experiences in common, the characters drew their interior landscapes where childhood, adolescence and the arrival to adulthood of “Alberto” gradually become a battlefield.

With humor and, to a lesser extent, important doses of drama, “Chess” showed how the biggest dreams are shattered before realities as simple as the fact that the children grow up, make their own decisions and make a different assessment of the pawns and beliefs of parents.

The work presented within the program of the International Theater Festival “Escena Mazatlán 2017” stood out for the superb lighting of Antonio Serratos, who in the moving passages, the moments of reflection, tragedy and nostalgia knew how to highlight the character of both characters.

In the end “Chess” was erected as a moving tribute to love that, in the midst of human imperfections and mistakes, always finds a way to nourish and strengthen moments of doubt, weakness or confusion.

The public turned in a strong applause for the actors, and Ramón Gómez Polo, dedicated his first work, a new adventure in his broad tour of the world of theater, to his son Diego who was among the spectators.