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This Thursday at eight in the evening at the Teatro Angela Peralta the International Theater Festival “Escena Mazatlan” presents La injusticia under the direction of Edén Coronado.

From the play “Los Justos”, by the French writer Albert Camus, the Mexican playwright Edén Coronado immersed himself in a series of documents about the armed movement in Mexico, during the 70s, to capture the personal and collective dramas of history national.

In “La injusticia”, a cell of five guerrillas of the armed movement intends to carry out an attack against a character of the oligarchy in power to provoke the revolution; however, it will end up annihilated by the contradictions and internal conflicts of the characters.

Justice? Injustice? The national history is marked by these words and Teatro El Rinoceronte Enamorado and the National Theater Company arrive at Escena Mazatlan 2017 with a play directed to teenagers and adults that intends to touch the most sensitive strings of the public to reflect on Mexico’s yesterday and today.

Tickets $ 100.00 available at the box office. Tel. 982 44 46 ext. 103

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