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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

The company “The rhinoceros in love” and the National Theater Company premiered in Mazatlan The injustice, staging that revives the hopes, desires and disappointments of the guerrilla groups that in the decade of the 70s led a revolutionary social struggle in Mexico.

The work was part of the billboard of the International Theater Festival Mazatlan Escena 2017, organized by the Institute of Culture of Mazatlan and sparked a reflection on the gray period of armed groups that succumbed to the internal debate between military trends and those that they privileged mass political work.

Based on the work “Los Justos” by Albert Camus and in various documents about the armed movement in Mexico in the 70s, La Injusticia revives the drama of the armed groups that went underground to respond to the closure of the government regime.

The work created by “the company of companies” transported the public to a small room where “Fidelia”, “José”, “Juan”, “Moreno” and “Raymundo” plan the execution of a political character that allows them to advance in their social struggle.

In this way Diana Fidelia, Lizandro Cisneros, Ricardo Moreno, Antonio Orta and Jesus Coronado, give life to this cell that is not willing to settle for denouncing the injustices and abuses committed by the country’s rulers, and risking their lives to fight them.

In just over an hour, Injustice poses an atmosphere in which factors such as fear, lack of confidence, thirst for justice and constant confrontations by members jeopardize the team’s mission and reveal the true foundations and scope ethical issues involved in organizing a revolution.

The drama centers on a discussion about whether to create a halo of hope from a crime in which innocents are affected: some think it is necessary for the success of the mission and others believe that it would upset the motto, morally correct, that ” the people support them. ”

At the end of the play and the applause of the audience you could see the tiredness and emotion of the actors. Its scenic director and playwright, Edén Coronado, was invited to the stage and requested applause for the Executive Director of the work: Caín Coronado and for Francis Palomares, who attended the show on behalf of the National Theater Company.

The function was dedicated to the movement of “The Sick of Sinaloa” formed by activists of student movements that suffered government repression.