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Miguel Ángel Velarde Lizárraga and Román Gabriel Osuna González concluded their studies at the Technical Level in Music on Thursday afternoon at the School of Arts of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlán with an emotional recital that took place at Casa Haas.

Accompanied by the teacher Sabrina Toloza de los Santos, as a Godmother of Generation, the students gave themselves to the task of executing a series of pieces that demonstrated the techniques, skills and talents that have been polished over the past 3 years.

First it was the turn of Miguel Ángel Velarde, who in the company of maestro Eduardo Pérez Franco (piano) played with his clarinet the five “Bagatelles”, by Gerald Finzi, and the “Concert No.2” by Joseph Paulson.

Later, Román Gabriel Osuna went on stage to interpret the complex and portentous “Herta Schmerta” by Ed Argenziano, a true percussion feast in which he was accompanied by his partner Edgar Reyes and by Professor Max Carrión.

Once the recitation was concluded, the graduate Juan Manuel Flores Vázquez, Director of the School of Arts of the Institute of Culture of Mazatlán, and the teacher Pércival Álvarez, Director of the School of Music and Singing, took the stage to make the official delivery of recognitions to the students for the term of their studies.

Finally, Juan Manuel Flores and Sabrina de los Santos offered a message of encouragement to the students in which they emphasized that, from now on, they should maintain the commitment and passion towards art to become leaders and always carry in their hearts the been part of the School of Arts of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan.