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The Casa Haas Museum “exploded” on Thursday night during the dynamic and stimulating concert “The most vital”, by marimbist and percussionist Max Carreón.

In the first part of the recital, the musician created an atmosphere of tenderness, happiness and nostalgia by offering a selection of endearing themes from Walt Disney films: “Search for the most vital” (The Jungle Book); “Bella noche” (La dama y el vagabundo), “With a little sugar” (Mary Poppins) and “No matter the distance” (Hercules).

As the night progressed, the repertoire took a radical turn to envelop the audience with the sounds of the tambourines, cowbells and drums of “Canned heat” by Eckhard Kopetzki.

With great pride, Maestro Carreón presented the members of the Percussion Ensemble of the Institute of Culture of Mazatlán: Miguel Ángel Moreno, Javier Brito, Oliver Velázquez, Damián Gutiérrez and Edgar Rangel, who like an oiled machine offered the portentous “Sinergy”, by Ed Argenziano.

Upcoming participants in the 1st Encounter of Percussion Ensembles of the Northwest, the young people showed off their creative skills in the premiere of “Cuatro cuartos”, a piece for four sets of percussion that transmits great strength.

At the end of “The most vital” the sound of vibraphones, timbers, timbales, cowbells, cymbals, keys, congas, drums and cues grew to form an overwhelming rumble that, after a deep silence, ended up exploding with the applause of the audience He asked for a farewell piece and it came with “Take Five” by Paul Desmond.