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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

With the show “¡Somos Sinaloa!” The Angela Peralta Theater became the center of a colossal tribute to the master Javier Arcadia, director of the Folkloric Ballet of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan, who celebrated 35 years of artistic career.
Surrounded by great friends, outstanding ambassadors of Sinaloan culture, Arcadia offered a program that practically covered the whole history of the region through its dance and music.
In the first part, the Camerata Mazatlán, directed by maestro Percival Álvarez, created a beautiful musical atmosphere with waltzes and chotis (ingeniously modified with Latin jazz arrangements) that evoked the pomp, elegance and candor of the region in the 19th century. To make matters worse, the beautiful dancers dressed in elegant dresses in blue, purple and red; the gallant dancers in their coveralls and top hats finished giving the feeling of being on a journey through time.
Afterwards, the international recognition baritone Adán Pérez interpreted a series of themes that have managed to capture the magic, exoticism and beauty of “La Perla del Pacífico”: “Alejandra”, by Enrique Mora Andrade; “Mazatlán” by Mike Laure and “Mar”, by Gabriel Ruiz. The final point of the first part came wrapped in the mysticism and power of the “Dance of the deer”, a deep journey through the tradition of May-Yoreme culture.
After the intermission, Banda la Mazatleca took the stage and, to the rhythm of the traditional Sinaloan wind music, sung classic songs such as “Mi gusto es”, “Mazatlán-Acaponeta”, “El sauce y la palma” or “El toro viejo” along with the brio, grace and joy of the members of the Folkloric Ballet of the Institute of Culture of Mazatlán portrayed the bravery, mischief, joy and joy that the Sinaloans carry in their blood.
The sweetness and sensuality of the boleros, and the bravery and nostalgia of the ranchera music came with the interpretations of Grupo Voces y Guitarras that became the main companions of a series of spectacular guests who portrayed the two icons of Sinaloan music: Pedro Infante and Lola Beltrán.
First, José Manuel Infante and Lupita Infante performed classics of “El ídolo” as “Ella”, “Tu recuerdo y yo”, “India Bonita” or “Amorcito corazón”. Then, it was the turn of María Elena Leal, who shook the audience with three legendary songs from “Lola la Grande”: “Paloma negra”, “Cucurrucu-cú Paloma” and “El Rey”.
The final part of the event was dedicated to the maximum celebration of the port: the Mazatlan Carnival, and to the rhythm of “Los papaquis” a small parade was created with the presence of Alexa I (Queen of Carnival 2018), Sofia I (Queen of Floral Games 2018), Daniela I (Queen of Carnival 2016), Marcela I (Queen of Floral Games 2014), Olga I (Queen of Carnival 2008) and Rosy I (Queen of Floral Games 2004).

The finishing touch was the presentation of the recognition “Prophet in his Land” to the teacher Javier Arcadia through an emotional speech on the part of the graduate Raúl Rico, general director of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlán, who highlighted the devotion, artistic congruence , passion and transcendence of the honoree.
Arcadia, moved almost to tears, thanked his dancers, his friends, the authorities of the Institute of Culture and the public for accompanying him on this historic night.