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“Locos de tango”, a show at the Cultural Festival Mazatlan 2018 presented at the Angela Peralta Theater, became an intense celebration of the mix of two young talents from Mexico and Argentina, united by the passion for music.
Mazatlan violinist Israel Torres and Argentine bandoneon player and composer Daniel Ruggiero were tucked away by the Camerata Mazatlán, directed by maestro Percival Álvarez, on a night that offered a journey through the past, present and future of the musical genre that has given identity to Argentina: the tango.
The first part of the show was centered on three original pieces by Daniel Ruggiero: “Destinos”, “Alas” and, in a very special way, “Double concert for violin, Bandoneón and Orquesta”, since it was the premiere of this piece in Aztec territory.
Each work demonstrated the innovative, contemplative and, at times, rapturous character of the Argentine composer who, more than opting to seek the classic temperament of tango, seeks to bring together the popular and the contemporary.
The second part of the show allowed the audience to fully meet the music of one of the creators who have marked the genre of tango: Astor Piazzolla, which was evoked in pieces such as “Adiós Nonino”, “Violentango” and “Zita”.
As if that were not enough, another legend of the tango, Osvaldo Ruggiero, (father of Daniel) was celebrated in the elegant and majestic “Bordoneo y 900”, a mixture of rural and urban milongas that exposed the diversity and complexity of this music that Throughout its history it has permeated equally the suburbs of the Rio de la Plata and the great concert halls of the whole world.
The violins, violas, cellos, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinets, French horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, and timpani and percussions of the Camerata Mazatlán radiated at all times sensuality, mischief, nostalgia and passion; and, as if that were not enough, all this was highlighted by the choreography of the teacher Monserrat Millán and an exceptional set of multimedia images designed by Karla Aguirre.
“Poem in milonga” and “Osvaldo and Osvaldo” by Daniel Ruggiero completed the second part of the show, and once the audience got up to give their applause to all the artistic talent of tonight, Daniel Ruggiero and Israel Torres gave away a exceptional encore: “Aprovéchate”, a song by the Mexican band Café Tacvba that will include Argentine samba arrangements in the next record material that these two talented musicians will begin recording next month to further twin the music of Mexico and Argentina.