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Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Artes de Mazatlán

Through a monumental concert in the Sister Cities Park, the groups The Doll Drummers of Rajasthan and Radaid made that in the great closing of the October programming of the Cultural Festival Mazatlan 2018, hundreds of families lived an almost spiritual musical encounter orchestrated by the vibrations and sounds more powerful and deep in the world.
Scattered on the grass in front of the stage, families accompanied by their pets, young people exercising, couples and tourists who flowed from 20:00 hours in the bizarre sounds that Chanan, Swaroop, Ghafoor, Pape, Sattar, Nihal and Latif Khan produce in their drums dhol, chepes, dholak, bhapang and morchang, instruments that have given identity to different generations of the manganiar tribe, located to the north of the region of Hindustan.
Behind the musicians, a large screen projected the beauty of the arid and immense deserts of India and endorsed the essence of this show that took the title Desert pulse (The pulse of the desert), a kind of musical, almost religious ceremony where musicians seem to be suspended in vilo on their percussion instruments with two and four hands.
For an hour, The Doll Drummers of Rajasthan delivered several deep and intense passages, a masterpiece of the mastery of instruments that several generations have been polishing and have pierced to enchant different cultures, as happened in the port of Mazatlan on this comfortable night of autumn.
But the show did not end there. After an interval of 15 minutes, the Jalisco group Radaid continued the tour of world music with a repertoire of songs inspired by cities such as Tokyo, Japan; Africa, the Republic of the Balkans and Latin America.
If The Doll Drummers of Rajastan seemed to get up in suspense with their instruments, Radaid locked the audience in a “bubble in time”, in which genres such as rock, folk, trip hop, electronic and progressive are mixed in a history record that begins in “L’intent” (2009), continues three years later with “The Willing” and reaches its maturity this year with the material “Alkemia” that captivated the audience tonight.
Emmanuel Macias, Guillermo Ibarra, Yolihuani Curiel, Darko Palacios, Fernando Arias and the vocalist Sofía Orozco, were enjoyed by the spectators reclining on the grass and huddled together to enjoy songs like Alkemia T, Pi, Standing Rock, Ninacopenda, Flor of Azar T, The One and When the moon comes out, interpreted in Spanish, English and even Swahili, that speak about a thematic variety that keeps with it a war cry in peace and love for all humanity.
The night was crowned with a shower of fireworks that made for a few moments the sky did not look so dark, it was illuminated with colors and painted smiles on the faces of the people to close with a flourish the October program of the Cultural Festival Mazatlan 2018, under the direction of Raúl Rico González.