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The program “Cultura in your Community” is fulfilling the objectives outlined, that is to awaken the interest for the different arts in Mazatlecan children and youth, and is that by observing the performance starring Sick Toy’s Crew, dozens of students of the Technical High School Pesquera number Seven ensured that break dance, popping and rap, will shortly seek spaces to master this artistic movement.

Spring Season 2019 organized by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turism y Arte de Mazatlan, in its undercard assigned a series of exclusive shows for different schools, where the chemistry between urban artists and young people has been key to awakening the taste and emotions towards these current styles of dance that have thousands of followers on the planet.

Dulce Morales, a student of the Secondary School Pesquera, thanked the directors of the Instituto de Cultura and all those involved who made the performance possible, saw in their colleagues a special interest and no doubt that several will begin to dabble in the urban art.

At only 14 years of age, David Gutiérrez has the mentality to become a star of urban art, after participating with the members of Sick Toy’s Crew in front of all his colleagues, he detonated what was needed to decide and continue with his training without neglecting his academic studies, since dancing to any rhythm does this at its maximum intensity.

It will be next Tuesday, April 2, when “Cultura in your Community” returns to educational institutions, this time at Margarita Mortera Jiménez Primary School, located on Santa Elena street, corner with Santa Martha in the Santa Teresa district, starting at 4 pm, with the ballet of Maestra Zoila Fernández with music by Francisco Gabilondo Soler´s “Cri-Crí”.

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