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Within the activities of Spring Season 2019 the program “Cultura in your Community” was successfully presented at Angel Torrontegui High School, where the urban artists of Sick Toy’s Crew had a positive response from the more than 300 students, discovering in this tour the artistic potential that exists in Mazatlan.

Urban artists interacted on different occasions and with the dynamics of breaking as well as beatbox, young people like Gael Guerra showed their capacity and talent within this genre, which is of the wide taste of young people from all latitudes.

The student gave brushstrokes that with the microphone transcend within beatbox, an activity that they have been practicing for six months and dreams of a future are formed in the main events of this genre that are performed in different parts of the world.

During the performance the artists “Pichicho Pop”, “Sick Killer”, “Moeck”, “Big Boy Jualy” and “Big Boy Angel” gave free classes of initiation of breaking, moments that were satisfactory for six brave students that patiently learned basic steps.

In addition to break dance and beatbox, the professionals performed popping, locking exhibition, they also did a hand in hand of these styles that made more than one of the young students that they invited to be part of this so-called urban art dance.

With this type of activities the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan promotes new forms of expression that young people have, also awakening the interest in future generations of how to use their free time and recreation periods, either individually or in a group.