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Two great interpreters of contemporary dance unite their talents at stage level: Claudia Lavista and Lola Lince, share the difficult, but at the same time subtle and sweet transit between life and death; when two women find themselves on the path to their own deaths and from their wandering together in shared memories, they discover themselves as a mirror of transformation and liberation.

In this way, “Entre Sueños y Flores” arrived on Saturday at the Angela Peralta Theater, within Spring Season 2019 and within the framework of the Jose Limon International Dance Festival, in its 33rd edition. Without a doubt, they managed to deliver a performance loaded with symbolism that revealed the beauty of the end, winning in this way, the ovation of the audience.

“Between Dreams and Flowers”, is inspired by texts by Juan Rulfo and imaginary of the Mexican culture around death. It is the result of a collaboration project between Delfos and Lola Lince’s Experimental Dance company, the stage experience of its interpreters and the clever look of its director, Víctor Manuel Ruiz, who managed to turn it into a corporeal-poetic allegory: Dying to be reborn, as part of the inevitable process, as is the path of liberation and transformation that is implied by the encounter with the end of a phase.

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