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The ADN Teatro 51 Group made the viewers reflect on the subject of sexual responsibility in the play “Las botas vaqueras color capuccino”, which was presented at the VI Theater Show that this time is part of Spring Season 2019, successfully organized by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan.

Casa Haas was the stage where the students of Cbtis 51, under the direction of Alfredo Vergara captivated the respectable public twice, novice artists who did well while waiting for similar opportunities in Mazatlan or any part of Mexico.

Estela, a role played by Ximena Astorga, was the protagonist of the afternoon, a teenager, product of a youthful love that had consequences, for her bad luck she grew up without a father and her mother died when she was in puberty.

Before the mystery of knowing who her father was she wanted to know him, so she found clues that were not so pleasant, with rugged issues such as death, the only key in common with her parents were the capuccino colored cowboy boots, a symbol of love between them.

The VI Theater Exhibition will continue this Wednesday with the staging “Ajedrez” where the Red Iguana company will perform the play written and directed by Maestro Ramón Gómez Polo.