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A peaceful demonstration ended in chaos, arbitrary arrests, injured women and more, all for an alleged civil disobedience where a group of demonstrators asserted their right to freedom of expression, the above is a social criticism where the Compañía Danza Sinaloense Youth presented their work “God or His Absence”, receiving the applause of the public that gathered at the Angela Peralta Theater.

The 33rd Edition of the José Limón International Dance Festival, continues to be successful in the Port. On this occasion a group of 15 dancers took over the stage creating a common atmosphere that could be anywhere in the world, taking viewers to the place of events with fine movements, combination of lights and sounds, in order feel the injustices that people sometimes suffer, which are reflected in local, national and international news.

After the critique of the actors for 50 minutes and when everything seemed to end, the protagonists were stripped of their clothes ending naked most of them, covering their bodies with the darkness that took over the stage, screaming the atrocities they suffered.

In addition to the dance “God or His Absence” sent a message to citizens to inform themselves, know their rights, the obligations of authority, and above all, to join together as a society not giving in to any situation that they consider retreat on the part of the government.

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