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On Thursday afternoon, the Rubio Gallery was filled with the vibrant energy of the collective exhibition “Elementos”, an effective academic exercise led by the works of nine students of the Graphic Design Degree from the Autonomous University of Durango, Mazatlan campus.

With techniques such as mixed on wood and mixed on MDF, the artists focused on the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) to create 26 works rich in shapes, textures and complex and vibrant colors that thrilled the public.

Thus, “Elementos” offered the visions of the collective formed by Andrea de la Vega, Alan Berrones, Reyna Vanessa Borrego, Andrea Escobedo, Fernanda Ortega, Adriana Gamboa, María Lorena González, Edu Zárate and Bernardo Rodríguez, and will remain hanging in the Rubio Gallery until on June 6.