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With more than 70 colorful works of art, the Workshops of Fine Arts for Children and teenagers of the School of Arts of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán celebrated their “Exhibition of the End of Classes” in the Ángela Peralta Gallery.

With the place crammed with family and friends who came to celebrate the dedication and talent of the students, this exhibition became an exciting mosaic made up of mountains, flowers, oceans and planets, Mazinger Z and Selena Gómez, Jesucrito, “The Flintstones” , axolotls and sailfish.

At the opening ceremony, Juan Manuel Flores, Director of the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlan, thanked the perseverance that students and parents have had to learn and pour their emotions into each piece.

For her part, Lic. Marsol Quiñónez, Director of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlán, praised the talent of the young artists and recognized the tireless work of maestros Mónica Rice (Coordinator of the Career of Plastic Arts), Miguel Flores (painting), Cecilia García (sculpture and painting) and Güera Fuentevilla (painting) for forging the minds and spirits of their pupils with patience and love.

“The End of Course Exhibition” will remain in the Ángela Peralta Gallery until June 8.