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Mazatlecan Artists, some from the interior of the Republic and from other latitudes of the world, responded to the training workshops offered by “La Carpa”, finding in the intensive “Non-Catatonic States”, a space to explore and detach from their feelings finding in their bodies how to express with a level of intensity.

Non-Catatonic States, is a workshop-assembly given by Costa Ricans Bryan Chavarría and Grei Quezac, choreographers, dancers, producers and dance teachers who are taking a compact group to its limit of expressions inside Casa Haas.

Thanks to the cultural fabrics that they are forming in the different places where they present, work, or have contacts linked to the arts, Chavarría and Quezac indicated that Mazatlán became the third city in the country to where they have carried their knowledge in Mexico. they had been in Puebla and Mexico City. Because of their roots the course was born in Costa Rica, but it was also applied in Guatemala.

“The workshop looks for completely cold movement creation motives, completely detaching from the sentimental or romantic part and working with the body different dynamics and proposals, basically it is a layer accumulation work, we present proposals in simple versions from the material that they present, and from there we start to make them complex and put them in motion “, explained Grei Quezac.

Bryan Chavarria believes that the shared knowledge is so complete that it can be applied in arts such as dance, theater, circus activities, as well as in professions where body language is required to speak before crowds.

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