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The Cultura in your Community program continues to travel through different educational institutions throughout Mazatlan, more and more schools are requesting it.

On this occasion, the group Sick Toys presented a dynamic performance to the more than 600 students of the General Secondary School No. 2.

Through urban dance, song and rap, artists experienced, interacted and demonstrated their talent, capturing the interest of young people who are interested in practicing this art.

Jesús Ángel García Domínguez, a member of Sick Toys, told us that it has been a great experience to be part of Cultura in your Community, since besides presenting his passion for dance, it serves as a motivation for young people to get involved in the culture and activities of healthy recreation.

“It is important that there are these types of programs that support culture and art, it is essential that we contribute positive things and counteract everything that is bad for young people.”