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With “Wreck: List of extinct species”, by Pietro Marullo, the INSIEMI IRREALI Company created an authentic dance disaster at the Angela Peralta Theater during its participation in the 33rd edition of the José Limón International Dance Festival.

A giant object that invaded the stage. Seven naked bodies that created terrifying and frantic atmospheres, and a powerful work of lighting and music were gradually increasing until reaching levels of sublime hysteria.

Visions of hell? A tip through purgatory? Angelic voices? One thing for sure is that Pietro Marullo managed to capture in “Wreck” an electrifying work that, literally, invaded the public with his corporal images full of a disturbing plasticity, an orgy of white, red and blue lights, chilling sound and passages in which Dancers jumped on the audience, toured the balconies of the TAP and shook the hearts of the spectators.

In the end, after a moment of absolute darkness, the audience gave the artists a thunderous applause for this ambitious, dizzying and rare work, in its undeniable beauty.