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With great professionalism, 16 students of the Singing Degree of the Municipal Arts Center of Mazatlan met in the Music Museum to offer an exquisite Recital  for the end of the school year.

With opera arias full of drama, passion or sympathy, the students led maestros Manuel Valenzuela, Martha Félix and Enrique Patrón De Rueda, showed their technical and interpretative skills.

Accompanied by pianists Pablo López Mejía and Juan Pablo García Velazco, the artists offered songs by composers such as Humberto Giordano, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giachino Rossini or Gaetano Donizetti.

Their classmates, teachers, family and friends celebrated their brilliant participants with loud applause and shouts of bravo! that colored this entertaining concert from beginning to end.