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With the program “Coordinates” the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan celebrated its end of courses function this Friday night at the Angela Peralta Theater in one of the most spectacular events of Spring Season 2019 of the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan.

Eleven pieces created by teachers and students demonstrated the arduous educational process that this institution (one of the most prestigious of its kind in Latin America) has been able to consolidate for more than 20 years: intellectual reflection, hard physical training, cultivation of multidisciplinary perspectives and a sensitive position in front of its context … all fused through dance art.

Pieces in a set of great physical display, solos of jocular character, cabaret style numbers or choreographies composed with a disturbing poetic beauty created a complex melting pot of proposals that captured the audience from beginning to end.

To make matters even better, the diversity of costumes (futuristic, casual or folkloric), the vast musical repertoire (classical, contemporary, radio, electronic, Mexican, etc.) and exceptional lighting gave the arsenal more power and depth of movements, gestures and passions that the dancers left engraved in the air of the maximum artistic stage in Mazatlan.

Finally, the dancers were rewarded with the thunderous applause of the audience for a superb exhibition that shows that the port remains a stronghold for contemporary dance in Mexico, thanks to the EPDM and its maestros, the dancers of Delfos Danza Contemporánea.

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