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To promote reading habits and good habits in Mazatlecan children through various recreational activities, in an optimal place, are the objectives set out in the Summer Workshops to be held in the different municipal libraries belonging to the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan.

The workshop will be taught by the different librarians in charge of the buildings, it will last a week with four hours of work each day, where 35 children in each room will be active learning in a fun and free way, since the material they will use will be provided by the organizers .

To be part of these activities, the managers received a previous training course held in the city of Culiacán.

It was in the libraries of Carlos McGregor, in Colonia Constitución and Margarita Ramírez de González, located in Infonavit El Conchi, where the activities began, the first with the “El Diario de las emociones” workshop, while the second venue under the theme “Robinson Crusoe”.

The rural area will also be part of these activities and will be in the El Quelite Library and the Don Cruz Lizárraga Library, in El Recodo, where children will attend the courses “Traveling around the world’s cultures” and ” Fantabulary “, respectively from July 15 to 19.

In the Port, next Monday, July 15, the workshops will begin at the Manuel Bonilla libraries in the downtown area, as well as the Manuel J. Clouthier Engineer Library in the Francisco Villa neighborhood.

Previously personnel of the Instituto de Cultura visited some educational institutions to project the invitation, which was successfully accepted, achieving a full quota in all the workshops.

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