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Almost a hundred girls and boys of different ages from the Port of Mazatlan learned and enjoyed themselves thanks to the different activities they carried out during the workshops in public libraries, through the program “My holidays in my library”.

In the first stage, the children attended the Margarita Ramírez de González library, located in the Infonavit El Conchi, as well as the Carlos McGregor G. building in the Constitución neighborhood.

For a week, during morning hours with play activities, crafts,  and reading, among other tools, the children participated, above all, they said they were happy for what they had done, because if they did not attend the public library, they would have been without this energy.

In the building of the constitution colonia, what was approached by the educators was the theme of the adventures of the famous book about Robinson Crusoe, while in the Infonavit El Conchi, the theme was the Diary of Emotions.

It should be noted that this course was conducted for free, in the end they were given a recognition for their effort as well as for their participation.

For next Monday, July 15, the second stage will begin in four locations, two will be in the Port in the Colonia Centro as well as in the Colonia Francisco Villa, while in the rural area they will be in the community of El Quelite and El Recodo.

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