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The Sinaloense guitarist and teacher at the Municipal Arts Center, Alan Noé Avendaño Guerra will start a new adventure on August 15, now going to the old continent to continue his training at the Sibelius Academy of the Helsinki University of the Arts, Finland, where he will study a Masters in Classical Guitar.

Alan Guerra, a name known in the media, points out that he will be at one of the best institutions in the world. The cradle of classical music is in Europe and the conservatory is in the top 5 in the world. He hopes to take advantage of teaching and at the same time promoting Mexican music, then return to his origins to share the knowledge acquired.

The artist points out that perseverance and discipline were factors in earning a place at the Sibelius Academy. There were three years of auditions, paperwork and it was in 2019 that he managed to realize his dream, referencing the virtual auditions he presented with Mexican music.

“In my experience working here I am delighted, I cannot use another word. Mazatlan is a beautiful city, the cultural environment is very rich, and very rich compared to other cities in Mexico of the same size or population. Mazatlan has a very attractive cultural offering. Students are motivated because they have the potential to develop on a professional level “, indicated Alan Guerra.

“There are people from all over the country who come to study. That speaks of the good educational level of the school (CMA). The high level teachers and friends that form the Camerata Mazatlan, are very professional people who, in turn, generate very good students that will become great artists too,” he said.

The teacher added that during his time at the Municipal Arts Center he taught guitar classes for students of the Music Workshop, Music Technicians, as well as for those studying a Bachelor of Music, a phase that marked his career and that will bring important memories now that he will be away from Mexican lands to enrich his professional training.

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