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Generation XVIII Graduation Function, Wednesday, July 3, 8 pm.

Angela Peralta Theater


When we speak of living, we refer to sharing, coexisting in the space created by mutual experiences, this tropical site has witnessed stories of life, love and madness, seeing naked thoughts that 15 bodies braid. They were strangers to each other and now they are accomplices of life …

Generation XVIII of the EPDM, has been from the first day, a group of creative people, rebels, irreverent, sensitive, brave and, and above all, very talented. Their time at the school has been definitively plentiful and full of evidence. All have been transformed, they have asked and found who they are in the movement, they have lived 1460 days challenging themselves on a daily basis, finding, discovering, experimenting and reaping information that they consider important; they have been able to choose, and that is precisely one of the great attributes of art, it is a space in which one can choose who to be, how to be and what to do. They decided their present path and this 3rd of July they will step on stage together for the last time as students of the EPDM.

The cam program by title “Inhabitants”, is full range, diverse and exciting, including three premier works, by guest choreographers, Damián Muñoz and Virginia García (Company La Intrusa, Spain), and Johnny Millán (Delfos Company, Mexico), as well as by Víctor Manuel Ruiz (Artistic Director of the EPDM and Delfos); all with a wide presence in the middle of national and international dance, who during the last months met in the port of Mazatlan to work closely with the dancers.

Tonight’s show gives us the opportunity to see and inhabit diverse universes that manage to create this link of the young and avid artists along with each of the choreographers.

This night, these fourteen young artists graduate:

Diego Alcalá, Mariana Ayala, Marco Martínez, Ivanna Matamoros, Francisco García, Karen Vilchis, José Ángel Rochín, Heidy García, Eduardo López, Elisa Cabrera, Frank Vázquez, María José Gómez, Gastón Fonseca and Jazmín Valdivia. Different bodies, personalities, personal histories, ideologies, which today begin their own and unique journeys towards professional life.

We invite you to see from the body language that cannot be said with anything, to meet again, to connect because a society that forgets its body, loses itself and forgets a fundamental element of expression.

The EPDM has an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates a large group of teachers-artists from our community, as well as a residency program for national and foreign artists / professors, as well as dancers in formation. It has made exchanges with various international institutions, has twice won the INBA-UAM National Dance Award and has received the Culiacán Choreography Award seven times.

The INBA has awarded them three grants, the “Education for Art” scholarship; In 2008, it was awarded the Raúl Flores Canelo Prize for its pedagogical contributions to national dance.  It has 17 graduated generations, becoming a hotbed of dancers and creators of contemporary dance.


“15 strange bodies in the depth of intimate bitterness, the pleasure of wanting and hurting … Internal looks creating alternate realities without a voice to listen to a friend’s touch, with that fear to undress the thought, the ego and the soul … A tribe inhabited by Incoherent hierarchies, moving spaces between legs and days, we see each other in all of us, without really being close, I protect you, a house, the sea, try to live here, inhabit the world, illuminating from this little corner … ”

Generation XVIII of the EPDM




1) Hágase tu Voluntad…”

“There will be no more land, but everything will be heaven … The earth will be made heaven”

Choreography: Johnny Millán

2) Mariposa Nocturna

I hear the buzzing of my blood inside my skull … ”

Direction and choreography: Víctor Manuel Ruiz

3) Run-Run Romeo-Run

Direction: LA INTRUSA / Virginia García and Damián Muñoz

Dramaturgy: Virginia García



Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan

Municipal President of Mazatlán / Lic. Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres

Direction of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan / Lic. Marsol Quiñónez

Artistic Direction / Lic. Zoila Fernández

Direction of the Municipal Arts Center / Lic. Juan Manuel Flores Vázquez

Academic Coordinator of the Municipal Arts Center / Nora García

General Direction of the EPDM / Delfos Contemporary Dance

Academic Coordinator / Víctor Manuel Ruiz

Co- Art Direction / Víctor Manuel Ruiz and Claudia Lavista

Administrative coordination and logistics / Martha Castillo

Technical Director / Rigoberto del Valle

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