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As part of the celebration of “La Catrina and its Enigmas”, the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mazatlan, this morning the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan delivered at the ticket offices of the TAP, in an orderly and fluid way, more 2 thousand tickets for the tour of November 2 at the Angela Peralta Theater.
People arrived starting at 4:30 AM to take their place and not miss out on this spectacular tour in which more than 200 artists from the Mazatlan Municipal Art Center will participate: students of the contemporary dance school, the ballet school, the theater school and the Angela Peralta choir.
In addition, as part of the tour, the exhibition “Until Death Do Us Part” will be opened at the Rubio Gallery; while in the Angela Peralta Gallery you can see the mural that Costa Rican painter Pablo Vargas made especially for this event.
The first tour will begin at 7:20 PM, with functions every 20 minutes, until 11:00 PM.

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