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The Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2019 continued on Monday with the celebration of the Day of the Dead with a superb concert at the Angela Peralta Theater: “Requiem de Mozart”.

Under the direction of maestro Enrique Patron De Rueda, the Camerata Mazatlan and the Guillermo Sarabia Choir delivered a sober and intense version of one of the greatest creations in art history.

In this, his latest work, the Genie of Salzburg started from Latin texts dedicated to the rest of the dead to create an imposing choral poem divided into eight sections.

The artists recreated the eternal presence of death, the terror before the final judgment, the dark descent into the grave, the magnificent and terrible omnipotence of the Lord, the cries of salvation and the promise of resurrection of the Christian faith that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sculpted, forever, in his Requiem Mass: a journey that shows equally the dread, the fury, the devotion and the peace that the human being can experience in his encounter with death.

A stage alluding to a temple and a lighting work that emphasized the different moments of this musical jewel, sharpened this experience of sacred art with which the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlan honored the souls of those who have advanced on the inevitable path to Eternal life

Full of excitement, the audience applauded the exceptional delivery of Enrique Patron De Rueda, the Camerata Mazatlan, the Guillermo Sarabia Choir and soloists Fernanda Osuna, Mariela Angulo, Alejandro Yépez and Miguel Valenzuela on this unforgettable night.

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