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For reasons of agenda, the function of Saturday November 23 at 6 P.M., is moving to the Cinema of the Municipal Center of Art, where it will conclude the Cycle: “The War”, with the projection of the classic of the Russian cinema “The Iván’s childhood ”, the first opera by director Andrei Tarkovsky, with which he won the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival.
Tarkovsky received the opportunity in this film after the director was fired, and immediately began rewriting the script. Thus begins the career of one the milestones of world cinematography, printing what would be the hallmarks in his filmography, poetic and dreamlike in the image and his stories, always, showing the inherent nature of man, when looking for internalization in the characters to get the answers, and subtract the technical and narrative features that distinguish film genres.
The story unfolds on the front line between Russians and Germans in World War II. “Ivan” has lost everything: his mother, his sister, his innocence, his childhood. As a modern hero who has accepted his destiny, for him the most important thing is his role in war; cross the enemy’s lines to explore the terrain and get strategic information and feel a vital part in resolving the conflicto, take responsibility and think like an adult.
The film is screened in its original language, Russian, with Spanish subtitles.
Free entry with limited space.

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