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The Gordon Campbell 2020 Season continued its activities this Sunday at the Angela Peralta Theater with “Dvořák American Quartet,” a recital starring the Marketo String Quartet.

Violinist Olga Khudoblyak, violist Esther García, violinist Xavier Tortosa and cellist Octavio Hidalgo, took two pieces that revolutionized classical music as the starting points to display their talent and rigorous training.

The first work was the “String Quartet Op. 18 Nº1”, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, who in this piece expresses with absolute clarity his passionate and energetic spirit that served as a banner for the artistic movement of romanticism.

With vivacity and precision, the Marketo String Quartet approached a work full of elegance, vitality and drama to pay a simple tribute to Beethoven, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth that he will be celebrating throughout 2020.

Later came the “American Quartet,” by Antonín Dvořák, who wrote this piece in the summer of 1894 in Spillville, Iowa, a small Bavarian community in which he was able to satisfy the strong nostalgia for his land and write a composition of great beauty.

Dvořák started from the musical and spiritual influence that the United States gave him in that magical summer: the spiritual songs of the black slaves, the music of the indigenous peoples and the rich sonorities of nature.

Agile and full of nuances the “American Quartet” closed this magnificent Sunday concert of the Gordon Campbell Season, which as every year, has the backing of the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan to maintain and grow the passion of the local and foreign audiences for classical music.

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