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This Sunday, “The Best of Bach: Magnificat”, the second event of the Gordon Campbell 2020 Season, gathered hundreds of people at the Angela Peralta Theater to listen to some of the greatest creations of one of the leading representatives of Baroque. Maestro Gordon Campbell thanked the public for their generous attendance and shared the reasons why, for him, this Sunday’s program contained three top works by Johann Sebastian Bach: “The three have an outstanding combination of orchestra and choir. Before Bach, there was not so much orchestra and he changed everything, they are splendid pieces in which Bach sought to teach parts of the Bible. ” “Cantata No. 1”, “Oratorio de Navidad” and “Magnificat” were performed by the Culiacán Community Choir, the soloist group and the Camerata Campbell, to exalt the spirit of all in this welcome of the year 2020. With the support of the Government of Mazatlan, headed by Quimico Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, next Sunday, January 19, the Gordon Campbell 2020 Season will present his third concert: “Mozart and his Women”, which will feature the special participation of the actress Angélica Aragón.

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