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This Saturday afternoon, activities of the Mazatlan Book Festival 2020, happened under a cloudy sky and opened with a talk with the Basque-Mexican writer Imanol Caneyada. Accompanied by the writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II, the author of novels like “49 white crosses” or “It will take you a while to die,” he talked about his arrival in Mexico, his Mexican identity and the construction of a literature that captures the brutal and seductive National reality. For Taibo II, Caneyada’s work is already that of a cult author; a powerful literature that opens up new possibilities for the black novel in Mexico and, above all, an interesting literature that catches and shocks readers. Later, maestro Armando Bartra displayed his enormous historical scholarship in the presentation of his book “The new heirs of Zapata”, in which he shredded the peasant struggles in the country from the 20s to the present. From Veracruz to Sonora, Dr. Bartra recalled the social, economic and political battles that have marked Mexico, and even revealed his most intimate reason for writing this work: the memory of the murder (in the hands of the national army) of social leader Rubén Jaramillo; an heir of Zapata that he met personally. The phenomenon of the Mexican Revolution was analyzed in the presentation of the book “One hundred questions about the Mexican Revolution” in which Pedro Salmerón summarizes more than 20 years of work around this huge social phenomenon. In the company of Alonso Guerra, the historian reflected on how the Mexican Revolution shaped the Mexico of the twentieth century and in which Sinaloans such as Rafael Buelna, Rodolfo Fierro or Juan Banderas had a crucial participation. The presentation ended, there was a pause in the activities of the FELIM 2020 and suddenly the notes of “Las Mañanitas” sounded; Quimico Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres surprised writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II with a cake in honor of his 70th birthday.
Then came “What happened after the Mexican Revolution?”, A round table in which Armando Bartra, Héctor Martínez Assad, Paco Ignacio Taibo II and Pedro Salmerón shared their vast knowledge on this subject.
The role of women in the Revolution, the different manifestations of this phenomenon in the country and an impressive battery of anecdotes kept the audience captivated from beginning to end.

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