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Due to the interest of society in obtaining knowledge in singing classes, the Municipal Arts Center offers two workshops for people aged 15 and over who have the pleasure of learning to sing, these being the Angela Peralta Choir Workshop, and the Workshop of Introduction to Opera.

María Murillo, director of the Angela Peralta Choir, reported that to enter the new workshops it is not necessary to have previous experience, both will be virtual due to the health contingency experienced by Covid-19.

The Angela Peralta Coro workshop will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., here new students will learn about the repertoire, music theory and singing classes.

The cost is 225 pesos for registration, while the monthly payments are 400 pesos per student, it will be valid until June and the first class can be free.

Another attractive educational offer is the Introduction to Opera Workshop, which consists of six Saturday sessions, where registrants will learn the historical and technical foundations, it also consists of knowing and understanding what surrounds opera, the knowledge of voice that is applies, on singers, composers, which makes it a highly rewarding workshop.

To enter the students must be over 15 years old, the cost will be only 350 pesos that includes all classes, starting next March 6.

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