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The Municipal Arts Center has established its prestige for the large number of talents who, by passing through its classrooms, have acquired the teaching and values ​​necessary to succeed in the artistic world.

Among its educational offerings, fine arts stands out, a discipline that since 1989 has trained great artists under the quality of educational programs and their teachers.

Adapting to virtual normality, the CMA offers painting and drawing workshops for children, adolescents and adults for beginners and advanced users.

The schedules vary as well, this in order to adapt to the needs of the students, who will be able to learn the different techniques of drawing and painting, as well as the different ways of using all the materials, among which watercolor, oil, pencil, charcoal, India ink and acrylic are included.

The workshops end in June, registration is now open, the registration fee is 375 pesos and the monthly payment is 600 pesos. For more information, interested parties can contact audiciones@culturamazatlan.com or by calling 669 982 44 46 and 47, extension 106. For personalized attention, they can contact the cell phone number 669 153 065.

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