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The Cycle of Talks about Cinema reaches its final stretch, Mazatlan filmmaker Betzabé García will be the guest for this Saturday, March 13 at 10:00 am in the event that is organized by the Cinematography Workshop of the Municipal Arts Center.

Julio Recinos Tirado, teacher and head of the Cinematography Workshop, reported that minutes prior to 12:00 noon through the official social networks of the CMA, the link will be released in which those interested should use to access this interesting talk where the theme will be “Documentary Cinema in Mexico.”

The teacher indicated that the guest for this talk is a great Mexican exponent, her works have been exhibited at festivals such as Cannes, and it will be a great opportunity to learn what she shares.

It was on March 6 when filmmaker Eduardo Esparza participated and they touched on the topic “Documentary Cinema from Sinaloa”, a very rich talk where they recognized the work of the different creatives, producers, and others involved in the seventh art.

Dozens of students of the Diploma in Cinematography, and guests, were the witnesses of this interesting talk where the creator of short films such as “Stockholm”, “Conrado”, and “With One Foot in Glory”, among others, addressed the importance of understanding and developing each part of a production, assuming the responsibility that it carries to avoid hindering the development of this.

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