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The Municipal Center of Arts is an institution recognized for its high academic level and is reflected in each of its students. This Saturday, March 27 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time, the Cycle of Art Conferences will continue, having as an exhibitor, Maestro Héctor Javier Reyes Bonilla.

The educational offering to be exhibited will be the musical one, through a free and virtual chat on the Zoom platform, details will be given for those interested in entering to study and develop in any of the workshops, at a Technical level, or to access the Bachelor’s Degree In music.

Reyes Bonilla has extensive experience in the country as a teacher, he also has the merit of having participated in the birth of many youth orchestras, already as a direct creator, advisor, instructor, organizer, promoter or director.

To access this talk, interested persons must reserve a place by sending an email to xochilquintero@yahoo.com.

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