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This Saturday, June 12 at the Casa Haas Cinema, at 7:00 p.m. The film “The Other” will be screened.

“La otra” (1946) is one of the collaborations between Roberto Gavaldón and José Revueltas, whose work was recognized in 1947 by the Ariel Awards where it was nominated in the categories of Film, Director for Gavaldón, Actress for del Río, Male co-acting for Víctor Junco, Photography for Alex Phillips, Background Music for Raúl Lavista and Script for Revueltas, winning only in the latter category.

This film follows the story of María and Magdalena, twin sisters in different economic situations. María lives in poverty as a manicurist, her beauty is overshadowed by her shyness while Magdalena, haughty and bad-tempered, married an extremely wealthy man who, when he dies, leaves his entire fortune to his wife. The sisters, both played by Dolores del Río, have been fighting since they were children. “You always knew how to get ahead of me. Take the best from me”, says María dressed in a“ humble ”way while her sister opens her closet full of clothes. The murderer will not only receive the fortune of the dead man but also the heavy burden of a crime that she committed.

The film is screened in Spanish with English subtitles. Free entrance.

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