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The activities of the Municipal Cinema will resume this Saturday, August 21 at 7:00 pm at Casa Haas, with 3 films on the billboard, all with a common theme: animation.

The first to be screened is “Isle of Dogs” (2018) by director Wes Anderson; in what is his second foray into stop motion, and the film that opened the 68th edition of the Berlinale.

The story takes place in dystopian Japan, in the fictional city of Megasaki where Mayor Kobayashi, descendant of a “pro-cat” clan, banishes the dogs to Trash Island, a dump island in the Japanese archipelago due to a widespread epidemic, the “Canine flu.” The first dog to be deported is Spots, Atari’s bodyguard dog, the mayor’s nephew. The intrepid boy sets out on a plane trip to Trash Island to find his friend and there he will be helped by a herd of alpha males.

Visual art and photography are familiar and strict qualities in Wes Anderson films. The music of Alexandre Desplat is, without a doubt, fundamental in enhancing oriental culture. The voice performances are of a proven quality, made up of Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray and Bryan Cranston; All these contributions add to the unique and singular style of the director to make a beautiful, touching and human film.

The film is screened in its original language with Spanish subtitles. Free entry with limited seating.

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