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Opening up to all artists to show their creations and talent, The Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán together with the foundation The Academy of Special Dreams directed by Michel Dergar and Centro Cultural Bauprés, will present the exhibition “Uniendo Fronteras”, gallery that shows the fine art of artists with special abilities.

An inclusive art exhibition of original works by a diverse group of more than 50 local and international artists representing a broad spectrum of races, ethnicities, gender, age and abilities, truly reflecting social diversity.

This exhibition underscores the principle that the struggle for social justice that has taken root in the country must incorporate everyone in society, including people living with disabilities.

Uniendo Fronteras is just one more effort by the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation, BAUPRES and the Mazatlán Municipal Government to reinforce the vision and educate society that visual art exhibitions can and should include people of all origins regardless of count disabilities.

Carlos Adrián Ruelas Téllez, Nance Betsabé García Vega, Leoney Márquez Payan, Brayan Ricardo Valdez Osuna, Rodrigo Emanuel Graciano Ovalle, Esmeralda Jazmín Treviño Abad, Ángela María, Gabriel Cortés Gutiérrez, Maru Huerta, Teodoro Rafael Meyer Gavica, Martha Olivas Torres, will be only some of the artists who will exhibit their pieces, of more than 50 that will be for sale to the public.

Uniendo Fronteras will open tomorrow, Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Rubio Gallery and the Angela Peralta Gallery, admission is free.

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