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Perfection, synchrony and passion were some of the elements appreciated by a select group of spectators, who gathered at Casa Haas to enjoy the “Percussion Concert”, which starred musicians from the Angela Peralta Theater Orchestra.

This quality event belongs to the billboard of the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2021, which is succesfully realized by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

In a musical night, maestros Max Carreón, Omar Ríos, Javier Sánchez and Arturo Romero, were accompanied by Juliana Vilchis, Gabriela Rosas, Miguel Lizárraga, Javier Brito, Miguel Moreno and Karla Veitia, all students of the CMA Superior School of Music and they perfectly interpreted compositions by Mexican Carlos Chávez, Mexican-American Iván Treviño and the New Zealander John Psathas.

A special participation of the evening was given by Maestro Ramón Gómez Polo who told the story “Spatial Basura”, to the beat of the music created by Carreón, Ríos and his students Juliana Vilchis and Javier Brito, giving life to this magnificent narrative, achieving the admiration of the audience.

For the second musical piece of the night “Ukyo”, the work of John Psathas, the percussionists took the stage and were accompanied by the artist Luis Corrales, who played a ninja warrior, giving this creation a bonus.

For the closing of the night they performed “Toccata” inspired by Carlos Chávez, leaving the soul on stage where with marimbas, drums, cymbals, timpani, conga, among other instruments gave a great performance.

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