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“Right now I feel practically in the clouds because I am living my own metamorphosis, I am living the dream of becoming a King of the Carnaval of Mazatlán, stated Héctor Limón excitedly.

The candidate for King of Joy of the Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán: 2024, 31 years old, who enjoys popularity on social networks, specified his conception of the port’s biggest festival:

“For me, Carnaval represents us all, it is the joy, the flavor and everything that we Sinaloans carry in our blood, so we invite you all to be part of this beautiful adventure that year after year leaves our Culture very high, our tradition and more than anything our joy, then Up with Carnaval Mazatlán!”

Why are you competing? “Because it is a dream, a dream that with the help of God, my friends, my family and my Limonsfans we are going to fulfill, so it is a goal, it is a dream and it is a life project that I have dreamed of for many years”.

About his campaign Héctor Limón shares:

“Look, I have focused on doing my campaign as best as possible, that everyone gives their best fight, we are in a competition, we hope it is favorable for this humble servant in front of you, but we are going with everything for the crown, my objective is simply have the experience and leave not only Mazatlán but all Sinaloans highly praised.”

The candidate with the red baton invited locals and tourists to enjoy the maximum fiesta and everything it represents, from coexistence in public places with Sinaloa drum music to the rich gastronomy of the region.

Finally Héctor Limón clarified that he could not register earlier to compete for the crown of the King of Joy of Carnaval Mazatlán because he did not meet the requirements.

“I have been trying for four years, but I needed to have residency here and so it was until 2024 that I will be allowed to participate in this contest.”

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