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The curtain for the Festival Internacional de Teatro Escena Mazatlán 2021 opened with “Cenizas”, a shocking, hard and crude play presented by the Cartaphilus Teatro Company, which kept a select group of spectators at the edge of the seat who gathered at the majestic Angela Peralta Theater.

In an exhibition of physical theater, actress Kathleen Tamayo took over the attention of the attendees as a result of her mysticism, her magnificent body expression, which accompanied by a video art, an adequate set design and a select list of songs that ranged from pre-Hispanic dances, Classic songs such as la llorona, as well as different rhythms through rock, pop, and funk, captivated the respectable audience, who at the end gave a solemn ovation.

In the words of the protagonist, this play is corporal poetry that pays tribute to life, which is why during her performance she represented with outfits from different ethnic cultures, oriental costumes, as well as typical clothes that are used in funeral processes, She even showed her more natural side by posing with a half body.

The set design and lighting was the work of the Mazatlan¿’s Rigoberto del Valle, who made every movement of the actress shine.

Cenizas, directed by maestro Luis Ibar, premiered in 2019, and represented Mexico in different parts of Europe.

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