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Before an audience that sang, danced, clapped and hummed the melodies of the most diverse musical genres, the Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2017 ended with the concert A Christmas Gift in Plaza República.

At the foot of the Municipal Palace, the old square was met with the presence of hundreds of families attracted by the invitation of the City Council of Mazatlan, which is chaired by Mayor Fernando Pucheta Sánchez and the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, under the general direction of Raúl Rico González .

Wanting to spend moments of healthy recreation, the spectators gathered in this public place to enjoy the extravagant musical event, as announced by Raúl Rico, producer of the show.


In front of the large-scale stage that crossed the entire width of Ángel Flores street, officials headed by the Municipal President Fernando Pucheta and with the Mazatlecos as special guests, the memorable musical evening was enjoyed with the intervention of the Guillermo Sarabia Choir, the Children´s Choir and the Camerata Mazatlán, a first class cast that has emerged the classrooms of the School of Arts of Cultura or maestros in this prestigious artistic institution.

In front of the concert, maestro Enrique Patrón De Rueda directed the orchestra reinforced with guest musicians, choirs and guest soloists Jéssika Arévalo, Andrés Carrillo and Sarah Holcombe.

Happy, the tireless promoter of opera in Mexico was able to guide the cast and interact with the spectators and managed to spread his passion for music, while the comfort of their chairs, they were engrossed with music, lighting and videos with images of Christmas characters, Santa Clause, to reindeer, Christmas lights and iconic characters some musical eras.

A few weeks ago, “Carmen” shook the Angela Peralta Theater in the celebration of its 25 years, tonight the Camerata Mazatlan, directed by Enrique Patrón De Rueda returned with the sensuality of this opera by Georges Bizet. The Obertura touched the most sensitive fibers of the public to continue with the sensuality and strength of La Habanera and Toreador in the voices of Sarah Holcombe and José Lorca.

Andrés Carrillo and Mariana Sofía García evoked the pain, the joy and the romanticism of the zarzuelas: the “Tabernera del puerto” and “The daughters of the Zebedeo” through their arias Can not be and Carceleras.

The Can Can by Jacques Offenbach, motivated the audience to leave their state of comfort and accompany with their palms, those rhythms that guided the splits and pirouettes of the Parisian society dances of the 1840s.

After Jéssika Arévalo played Meine lippen sie Küssen so heiss of the comic opera “Giuditta”, a rain of paper with the colors of the Mexican flag was the prelude for the audience to feel the national fervor in a medley of revolutionary songs like ” La Adelita “and” Serenata huasteca “by José Alfredo Jiménez, enjoyed in the midst of a display of images of national heroes on the big screen.

Eager to take the show to the next level, the cast made the public and the municipal authorities dance with a potpourri of mambos by Dámaso Pérez Prado. Some musicians rose their seats to move to the tasty rhythm of the Cuban composer, musician and arranger.

The Plaza Republic was crowded and with staff of Cultura added more chairs at the end of the rows, a block of songs like the child of the drum by Katherine Davis, Rejoice The Messiah by George Friedrich Haendel and Lullaby for the child Jesus by Johannes Brahms, They invited the public to reflect on the family and the spiritual encounter that symbolizes the tradition of the holiday season.

The musical extravaganza delivered a last valuable “Christmas present”, the unexpected performance of the tenor Mazatlan, Carlos Osuna, who recently arrived Vienna he has managed to develop a meteoric artistic career, at the highest level of the world of opera.


The renowned Mazatlecan artist took the stage and without any previous rehearsal he demonstrated his vocal reach with a memorable interpretation of the aria Nessum Dorma the opera “Turandot” by Puccini to conclude with El Sinaloense.

Among a last potpourri of Christmas carols, the interpretation of “Noche de Paz”, an excited orchestra conductor wishing Mazatlecan families Merry Christmas! and the luminous explosion of fireworks, “A Christmas Gift” ended with the audience standing with loud applause to thank them for the pleasant musical evening while, astonished, they enjoyed the dance of the rockets that lit up the sky.