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The Tucanes de Tijuana made history and with them, the Mazatlan Fest is consolidated with the presence of more than 120 thousand people during its great closure.

After more than 15 years of not stepping on Mazatlecan land, the northern group were the godfathers of luxury of the first edition of this festival that is here to stay ,and were in charge of lowering the curtain of this great event.

The newly created Bahía Avenue became an impressive human sea of ​​locals and tourists who at all times enjoyed the Easter holidays in a different and unique way.

The night that promised to be epic, began with the presentation of the banda Los Plebes de Maza who warmed the musical engines to make way for the great presentation of the Sonora Dynamite.

And it is not only Norteno or banda music that is the favorite of the Mazatlecos, they showed that salsa and cumbia is also well accepted and they know how to dance to it.

Leading this historic festival was the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, accompanied by his wife, Gabriela Peña Chico, who took the congratulations and thanks for the public, to mention that, without a doubt, this has been the best Easter that the Mazatlecan people have experienced.

With spectacular stages, with striking visual effects, fireworks, dance, music, and the best groups, El Mazatlán Fest organized by the Instituto de Cultura in coordination with the Municipal Government, upon ending its first edition with a great citizen response, promises to come back and in a bigger way.