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Thousands of Mazatlecans, national and foreign tourists enjoyed and experienced Holy Week in the Pearl of the Pacific in a different way, with the parade of floats that were part of Mazatlan Fest 2019.

It was at 7:00 pm when the contingent consisting of eight floats left the Monument to the Fisherman on Avenida del Mar heading northbound to reach Rafael Buelna Avenue, in rememberance of what was experienced at the International Carnaval of Mazatlan 2019, Equinox, the Rebirth of the Senses.

The royalty of 2019 integrated by Karla II Queen of Carnaval; Yamilé I, Queen of the Floral Games; Dania I, Child Queen; Star, Queen of Poetry, Roberto Tirado II, King of Happiness, as well as princesses, princes and dukes, gave a different touch to this caravan.

The dong Los Papaquis announced the passage of the Queen, while various musical rhythms entertained the dance troups.

The “influencer” from Sinaloa, Héctor Limón, was one of the most applauded by the thousands who gathered along the Malecon taking the opportunity to take a photo of the memory and ask for a personal greeting which made the celebrity of social networks popular.

At the end of the parade of more than four kilometers, the audience left happy applauding the Mazatlan Fest event and waiting for the next edition.